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Can Mary Get to Bethlehem? PART 4 OF 4

I: If I were Mary, I guess I don’t have that far to go to get to Bethlehem. It’s just a ten minute drive from my Jerusalem home to manger square, or a one and a half hour walk.  Or, at least it should be, or it would be, if not for the looming wall protruding from the ground to tower over our heads.  I suppose I’m giving birth over a decade too late; Israelis were allowed to visit Bethlehem before that time. 

Can Mary Get to Bethlehem? PART 3 OF 4

Alice through the Looking Glass: I'd have to get up at 5am to catch the direct bus to Jerusalem.  It's a four hour bus ride, but otherwise I'd have to connect, and normally the buses seem to be purposefully ARRANGED so that you cannot connect with less than a one hour wait.  So, 5am it is - and hopefully not on a Friday or Saturday. On Friday there's only one bus to Jerusalem and on Saturday no buses run here at all.

Can Mary Get to Bethlehem? PART 1 OF 4

Recently we have been contemplating how Mary would travel to Bethlehem if she had to go there in 2014.  Part of the area surrounding Bethlehem is under Israeli military occupation, and while Palestinians technically have civil and security control of Bethlehem as it is part of Area A (see more on Areas A, B and C here, and an interactive map here), Israel is quick to override this ‘authority’ and go whenever it sees fit (as we saw this past summer).