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Until this becomes a reality

When we started this blog, we had just come out of a war. Wounded and traumatized by the responses of our people and community, we decided to create this blog, a window to our pursuit of peace.

A Farewell

When the blog began, it was an important outlet for me.  I felt there were too few voices seeking to speak peace into the violence and anger following the 2014 Israel-Gaza Conflict.

Gender Normalization: I Reject the Gender Status Quo (Part 2 of 2)

In my last blog post, I reflected on gender normalization, accepting the status quo without addressing its underlying inequality and injustices.  I reflected on women’s roles in society where we are expected to accept certain aspects of our culture because they are part of our tradition, or our past.  I also discussed family inheritance and its inherent discrimination against daughters.  In this post I wish to reflect on women in politics and religion, particularly Christianity as that is the context I know and live in.

Messianic Jewish Feminism: Reading Paul (Part 1)

There are many ways of reading Paul. The way he’s often quoted at women, you’d think he’s a chauvinist waiting with a stick to beat us over the head. Submit to your husband. Be silent. You can’t teach. Ask your husband at home. There are many frustrating prescriptions that are outdated and inapplicable (unless you want to be miserable while pretending it’s what God intended and you’re happy with your lot).

Messianic Jewish Feminism: Jesus the Feminist

If there ever was a feminist in the New Testament, it was Jesus. In the first century women were treated as inferior to men in Hellenistic-Roman and Jewish culture. It was generally frowned upon for women to study the Torah, they were not viewed as proper legal witnesses, and they were often compared to children -- undeveloped and simple-minded. Yet, Jesus surrounded himself by women, was supported by them, hosted by them, and they not only enabled his message, but bore witness to his life in all that it entailed: birth, ministry, death and resurrection. In fact, he was not known as Jesus son of Joseph, but Jesus son of Mary (Mark 6:3).