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Car Trouble and Patriarchy in Palestine

“It is your fault! I have the right of way and you didn’t stop!” says Abu Hisham, the Palestinian driver, who just sideswiped my car, sliding his side doors into my blinker.

“I was already in the middle of the road! Where should I go?” I respond angrily. 

Capitalizing on Fear

The other day as I arrived to my car, I noticed a flier set on the window. I didn’t pay it any attention. It was only a few hours later, after arriving to my destination that I looked a little closer. As I examined the images, I was very disturbed. The ad said:

Facing Off with a Humvee

Suddenly, I was the next car up, squarely facing a huge Humvee. People on the street started waving me the same way the previous car had gone so I just followed their directions and quickly maneuvered over the sidewalk, into someone’s driveway and then onto another sidewalk.  I felt a sense of camaraderie and was really grateful for these people who were so helpful, not even knowing me!