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The Myth of Balance: Navigating Cyberbalkanization in a Post-Truth Era

As an avid follower of the US presidential election and usually intermittent but more recently obsessed consumer of the news, it’s hard to make sense of the many voices coming from the White House and various news sources.  I understand that we can look at one event from different angles, but the levels of misinformation are troubling.

To Be Switzerland

In highschool, we studied the countries involved in the World Wars.  We learned about the two main groups opposing each other during World War II, the Allied and Axis Powers, and we also learned about a third group, the neutral one, namely Switzerland.

Pass the Peace

Peace has to be one of the most misunderstood and elusive concepts in our world. Everyone talks about it, but few have any concept of what it means. In Israel, we say shalom (peace) when we meet someone and when we say goodbye to them. When we greet one another and say “how are you;” we are literally saying “how’s your peace?” We frame our relationships with words of peace, yet the very prevalence of the word seems to empty it of meaning, trivializing the enormity of the concept.


Many times people ask what the solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict looks like. And many are discouraged because of the unlikelihood of a realistic tangible solution. For me, there is no such thing as no solution. It is not within our nature to be hopeless, and when  there is a will, there is always a way. It is not impossible to solve our conflict. It is possible when we begin to believe in a solution.

Snow Falls on the (un)Holy City

The following is a simple poetic account reflecting my thoughts on the snow that fell in Jerusalem recently. Jerusalem is a city that is beautiful, on the one hand, and yet a dirty reality becomes apparent underneath that beauty. This poem is to illustrate both the beauty and the ugliness that is the reality of this city.

My Collection and Myelf

The other day, I went to a friend’s house. It was my first time there and, as an explorer in a new setting, I was gathering information about my friend. One of the things i noticed about her living room is the wide collection of cookbooks she had. So my first question was:

- ‘Do you like to cook?’ 
- ‘No, these are for my roommate.’ she answered
- ‘Does she like to cook then?’
- ‘No, she collects them. This is what she would like to read, you know? The person she thinks she is as opposed to who she is. One day she wants to read them.’

Love and Power

The way we respond in crisis has the opportunity to be powerful, if we hold on to love while doing so. It’s so easy to respond to the hatred around us with anger that gives rise to condemnation, that causes us to contemplate revenge. In spite of an ongoing commitment to nonviolence, a commitment to restoration, a commitment to love, practicing this is not easy.