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Cake Culture Shock

People often ask me casually, “And how did you adapt to the culture?”  I usually sigh, unable to respond to the enormity of the question, “With God and a sense of humour.” Thirty-five years ago, as a young newlywed coming from the UK to live in Nazareth and the challenge of so many new customs and social protocols, one of the biggest culture-shock experiences was facing the Easter Cake Season.

Just Another Day in Jerusalem

I saw Jerusalem through different eyes today.  I saw the city through the eyes of my front seat passenger who let out a gasp as my car curved around Sha'arei Tzedek hospital onto Herzl Blvd where the glistening silver of the Jerusalem light rail caught him off guard in the early morning sunlight.  The involuntary reaction was expelled like that out of a small child seeing the ocean for the first time.