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An East Jerusalem Birthday

It was a cold, crisp November day in Jerusalem and the kids and I had been invited to a birthday party in a neighborhood in East Jerusalem that I have been working in. The family’s son specifically asked that my kids come. This neighborhood, in particular, has become very special to me and I have fallen in love with many of its residents. They are incredibly generous despite their own challenges and have welcomed me warmly into their community. One day, I even walked out of a home to find a crew of young men fixing all the dents in my car and the places where my bumper was not screwed in correctly after an accident, work that would have cost hundreds of shekels in a garage! Yet they refused payment.

Capitalizing on Fear

The other day as I arrived to my car, I noticed a flier set on the window. I didn’t pay it any attention. It was only a few hours later, after arriving to my destination that I looked a little closer. As I examined the images, I was very disturbed. The ad said:

Victims and Terrorists Alike

For the past few months, there have been recurring events in the news where a Palestinian and a soldier come in contact, with the end result nearly always being the death of the Palestinian. Two weeks ago, a video from Hebron was released showing a soldier shooting a subdued Palestinian who lay on the floor. The last week of April, two Palestinians - a pregnant mother of two and her brother - were shot and killed by soldiers at the Qalandia checkpoint. Like clockwork, these events are reported by Palestinian and Israeli news channels offering two opposing accounts of what happened.

Pass the Peace

Peace has to be one of the most misunderstood and elusive concepts in our world. Everyone talks about it, but few have any concept of what it means. In Israel, we say shalom (peace) when we meet someone and when we say goodbye to them. When we greet one another and say “how are you;” we are literally saying “how’s your peace?” We frame our relationships with words of peace, yet the very prevalence of the word seems to empty it of meaning, trivializing the enormity of the concept.

Fireworks and a Nightmare

"I had a nightmare. It was about fireworks, and one of them hit me."  This is what my four year old daughter told me the other day. With the political situation as it is, it’s hard for me to believe that this is simply a coincidence, that something she doesn’t really know about (fireworks) would hit her..."

Reflection on the Recent Attacks

The Palestinians are terrified of settlers and continue to express their anger over the first incident. Why didn’t it receive the sort of coverage that the incident killing a Jewish baby did or get labeled a terror incident?