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Spring: A Promise of Life from Death

Spring is always a season of promise as cold winter winds cease and brown lands become green. For me, green has always held the promise of new life growing out of the still brown deadness of earth. This year is no exception; but even as winter fades and spring emerges, the seasons themselves are overlapping in unusual ways. One day temperatures soar and on the next we have cold rain. While this is not unusual, it’s of longer duration this year. Is this a metaphor of delayed rebirth or is it simply the result of massive unsettled global weather patterns?

Deserts and Dreams

Whether plants or people, there are times and seasons in every life. Each one has its beauty and its blessing, its pain and sometimes sorrow. Summer in Israel/Palestine, with its unending, relentless heat, dryness and desert winds, seems an overly long season this year. Perhaps it’s the tedious stream of almost daily, or at least weekly, “incidents” that plague our region, or the flow of ludicrous statements from our politicians, or maybe it’s the way the world looks on and loudly trumpets its opinions about everything that happens here.