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Intifada Conversations: The Frustrating, Confusing and Encouraging

Terrible times like those we have experienced this past fall/winter in Israel-Palestine can shake us to our cores. What emerges can bring out the best or the worst in us. More often than not, I think it brings out both simultaneously -- we often turn inward to support our loved ones and our own people, and exhibit fear and suspicion toward those who are part of the other. Here are a few conversations I have been a part of that have offended, frustrated, moved and encouraged me.

What is Strength?

Strength. It’s something we all value. Weakness is hard for us to tolerate in ourselves and in others.

I think I’ve misheard the young woman sitting across from me as she tells me I’m incredibly strong. This coming from a woman who has been CEO of an organization, founded another project and stood her ground as a conscientious objector in the Israel-Palestine conflict. And she doesn’t really know anything about me.

Love and Power

The way we respond in crisis has the opportunity to be powerful, if we hold on to love while doing so. It’s so easy to respond to the hatred around us with anger that gives rise to condemnation, that causes us to contemplate revenge. In spite of an ongoing commitment to nonviolence, a commitment to restoration, a commitment to love, practicing this is not easy.