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Like Mixing Oil and Water

In 2014, I spent a majority of my summer in Israel and Palestine. To my surprise, I found myself arriving just as war broke out between these two countries. As an American, seeing war take place on my land, in my lifetime, would be an extremely rare occurrence, if ever. This fact, in and of itself, is a privilege that many other countries cannot share. Despite the war  occurring around me, a major lesson I walked away with was that of my own privilege.

Contradiction and 8 Things I Love about Israel

Today is a day of memories. They’re mixed memories. History has led us to the present where I can live as an equal citizen, free and secure; where I can immigrate to Israel and express my Jewish identity openly as I see fit. Yet this same history has displaced one of my dearest friends who lives minutes away from me, robbing her of her equality, freedom and security. We live different realities side by side, and they only intersect when we make an effort for them to. 

6 Themes of Purim

Purim is a holiday that comes to us in the peculiar book of Esther, a historical novella found in the Hebrew Bible. This story comes to us from the a post-prophetic period, when the voices of the prophets are silent, and the Israelites are scattered in the diaspora. It’s a story that never once mentions God’s name, one where we never see any direct interaction between God and humans. Perhaps it’s because he is there in the background, as the Narrator of the whole story (and every story)? Maybe as a quiet supporting character? Or maybe as a distant and apathetic spectator? Life goes on, people have choices, and individuals have the opportunity to effect change.

Here are a few thoughts running through my mind as I prepare to celebrate this holiday.