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Middle Space in an Age of Left and Right

I have recently had several interesting conversations with my adult daughter. Growing up in our home, she was exposed to a wide variety of people and learned to respect those from vastly different communities and cultures. Our home was always open, and over the years we had many guests. Meal times were often occasions of deep and interesting conversations. She internalized values of respect for others, fairness, kindness and a sensitivity to issues of justice and human rights.  

Women: The Original Witnesses to Resurrection and Life

Hope, life, renewal, rebirth. These aren’t things we see much of these days with the ongoing violence and rhetoric of death. Honestly, things look pretty dismal both here and in many parts of the world. It seems the extremists are getting the stage, while the rest of us simply look on.

This is my Home

It’s been almost 19 years since I first left home and moved to the Middle East. I don’t quite know what I thought I had to offer to a centuries-old conflict, but I felt called to go – and off I went! It’s been such an adventure, and there are still a few chapters to go (I hope).