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Is your empathy boundaried?

I regularly walk in Jerusalem by a Jewish neighborhood that borders a Palestinian one, and while Palestinians can cross freely into the Jewish one, and I into the Palestinian one, I rarely do anymore. A simple street runs between the two neighborhoods, but it represents something bigger, a divide that is not meant to be crossed. A few years ago it was easier, but since then X-marked blocks, raids, attacks and more have come and gone, and Israeli security guards intermittently patrol the area.

5 Responses to Ramadan

The Muslim fast of Ramadan is upon us, leaving many Christians and Messianic Jewish Israelis apprehensive about the month to come. How do we respond to this month? Will there be increased tensions and violence?

Israel and her Palestinian Mistress

When an Israeli gets themselves involved in a peace initiative -  as simple as meeting with Palestinians - they have to consider the effect of it on their lives. Peace is not something Israelis take lightly. How is it going to affect their life and surrounding? What are their family and friends going to respond? I understand that and recently, it has become more dangerous to publicly endorse or to be perceived as a peace advocate.

Diversity: Between Apocalyptics and Advocates

As Christians, we believe that as a community we should get along, yet at times we fail at implementing this ideal. On a collective scale, there are significant differences between the Messianic Jewish community and the Palestinian Evangelical community regarding how we view peace and how we put it into practice. Of course this is a generalization and there are individuals who think differently than the majority, but collectively, we are moving in distinctly opposite directions.

3 thoughts on Holocaust Remembrance

Today we remember the painful and destructive genocide inflicted upon the Jewish people, commemorated starting the evening of April 15 until the evening of April 16.  We also remember the grave losses faced by the Armenian people in their genocide, commemorated on April 24. We honor the millions killed and the cutting off of future generations by recalling that these evils happened, by affirming that they matter, and by remembering the empty, terrible loss.  May this never happen again.

My Collection and Myelf

The other day, I went to a friend’s house. It was my first time there and, as an explorer in a new setting, I was gathering information about my friend. One of the things i noticed about her living room is the wide collection of cookbooks she had. So my first question was:

- ‘Do you like to cook?’ 
- ‘No, these are for my roommate.’ she answered
- ‘Does she like to cook then?’
- ‘No, she collects them. This is what she would like to read, you know? The person she thinks she is as opposed to who she is. One day she wants to read them.’

In Memory of Kayla

For Kayla Mueller, who pursued common humanity, and a life of service, 'I find God in the suffering eyes reflected in mine, if this is how you are revealed to me, this is how I will forever seek you.'

Her activism brought her here, not far from my home. She spoke out against the injustices in my city during times I was silent. Of her experiences with Palestinians in Jerusalem and the West Bank, she wrote in October 2010: 

3 Examples of Love in Action

Love means many things to many people and can be expressed in many ways. Here in Israel/Palestine, we encounter hatred, fear and apathy far more often than their antithesis-love.

For this reason, we are offering situations in which we have seen love break through the hatred in the context of the conflict. This is about love in action, about putting aside misconceptions about “the other” and recognizing that they too are created in God’s image. Here are a few stories that motivate us to continue loving: