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A Palestinian Perspective on the March for Peace

Yesterday morning, I drove out of Jerusalem on one of the busiest days of the year as the city is packed with Israeli Jews celebrating Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles. I went to pick up my Palestinian friends in Beit Jala, Bethlehem and Beit Sahour. Since they are from the West Bank, they are not allowed to be on Israeli roads, so we drove through “The Valley of Fire”’ and the back roads to Jericho in order to get to Area C, where both Israelis and Palestinians can drive. We were on our way to Jesus’ baptismal site to join the march for peace initiated by Women Wage Peace.

5 Perspectives on Shimon Peres' Legacy

To many Israeli Jews I understand that he is considered the symbol of peace. He is one of the few remaining founding leaders who took part in Israel’s establishment, which has been through many wars. As a Palestinian, I know many Palestinians were the casualties of these wars. It is a fact that since the 90s Peres tried to carry on the failed peace attempts, but he was met with much opposition from his people. T

Israel and her Palestinian Mistress

When an Israeli gets themselves involved in a peace initiative -  as simple as meeting with Palestinians - they have to consider the effect of it on their lives. Peace is not something Israelis take lightly. How is it going to affect their life and surrounding? What are their family and friends going to respond? I understand that and recently, it has become more dangerous to publicly endorse or to be perceived as a peace advocate.

Bottle of Water

Recently, I participated in a meeting where a group of Israelis and Palestinians discussed ways to work together. This meeting had a heavy cloud over it because we all knew that our governments are ineffective in bringing positive change to our peoples. Yet we met, trying to do what our leaders are not. We sought to find some sort of hope in a dysfunctional system. 

Diversity: Between Apocalyptics and Advocates

As Christians, we believe that as a community we should get along, yet at times we fail at implementing this ideal. On a collective scale, there are significant differences between the Messianic Jewish community and the Palestinian Evangelical community regarding how we view peace and how we put it into practice. Of course this is a generalization and there are individuals who think differently than the majority, but collectively, we are moving in distinctly opposite directions.

Choose the Light

In this dark season our hearts turn to the ever rising sun where, day upon day, it rises from the embrace of the night. So it is with our souls-mornings do come, whether misted, fogged or bright. In this season of long nights, the star from the East once rose, lit the night sky, sent Magi on their long journey, seeking and finding the promised One who came to illuminate the darkness with his presence, the promise of deliverance. He has come and his light shattered the power of darkness forever. In this place where it all began, we carry this ever bright reality in the midst of a fallen world and an increasingly perverse generation.

When the preacher doubts

During the height of violence, I was struck by a force that I had felt only a few times in the past. The first time was in university when someone had ignited my apartment’s front door with gasoline and I had so much adrenaline pumping trying to control the fire. The force stayed way longer than the actual fire. The second time I felt it was at my uncle’s house when a sniper had just fired a rubber bullet at him, and all of us at the house ducked instinctively. Then the rush of adrenaline helped us find a way to get my uncle to the hospital for treatment. That same force stayed with me longer than it took for his wounds to heal.

Pass the Peace

Peace has to be one of the most misunderstood and elusive concepts in our world. Everyone talks about it, but few have any concept of what it means. In Israel, we say shalom (peace) when we meet someone and when we say goodbye to them. When we greet one another and say “how are you;” we are literally saying “how’s your peace?” We frame our relationships with words of peace, yet the very prevalence of the word seems to empty it of meaning, trivializing the enormity of the concept.


Many times people ask what the solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict looks like. And many are discouraged because of the unlikelihood of a realistic tangible solution. For me, there is no such thing as no solution. It is not within our nature to be hopeless, and when  there is a will, there is always a way. It is not impossible to solve our conflict. It is possible when we begin to believe in a solution.