Goody Two Shoes

Description: Goody Two Shoes lives in Jerusalem and tries to live a better Two Shoed life.Two Shoes wears many different shoes and dislikes stepping on chewing gum and dog poo. Two Shoes likes to play in the fallen leaves but sometimes lurking beneath are sticky and smelly things causing messy situations. Goody Two Shoes skips down the straight and narrow path of life hoping the souls of her Two Shoes will not give way and cause Two Shoes's socks to get wet. Anybody else like Goody Two Shoes? It should be noted Goody Two Shoes deals with life's stresses and living in a conflicted area through humour.

Why are you involved in this blog?
Why Is Goody Two Shoes Writing On This Blog? That's a good question. Because I was asked or it was suggested that I join in.
Quite simply that . I am not known for my writing, grammar or spelling skills. I am not academic or profound in anything vaguely connected with Blogs or dialogues or articles but I have a voice and I am Another Voice as this Blog is called.
I agreed without knowing who my fellow bloggers were. I have to say though they are amazing people and I know them all personally.  I see us as a salad made up of different vegetables chopped up and thrown in a bowl. Sometimes we are stirred up but more often than not shaken together till we mix.  Lets see we have cucumber, tomato, radish, pepper, onion and parsley, our common faith can be the dressing binding us together. We can be eaten alone and sometimes are but we taste much better together.
I hope this Blog shows and allows us to express different opinions often hard to say but needed to be said. 
Many times in the daily trudge and drudge of life if we could only see the funny side we might benefit from that laugh. I shall be writing about real life occurrences that could happen to anybody anywhere. Most of them happened to me, here, please enjoy a laugh with or at me as I recall them as Goody Two Shoes. 
My hope : I LOVE salad !