Description: Y represents why, or my search for answers to seemingly unanswerable questions in this place and in the situations I encounter here. Why is the situation like this? What can be done about it? What is my part in it all? I am an American married to an Israeli and a mother.  I came to Israel to study the conflict and chose to build a life and family here despite how impossible the situation here seems. This land of contrasts continues to surprise, baffle and frustrate me and is so full of pain, yet I love it.

Why are you involved in this blog?
I continue to hope that the believing communities in this land will pursue peace rather than strife and that this will be a light to those around. I hope that this blog will spark constructive discussions about how we can do this and give voice to ideas and perspectives we do not normally hear. Ultimately, I desire for healing for our societies and that my children would become adults in a very different reality than we have today.